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    Key description of the project
    (1-3 sentences describing the business/project and the proposed solution.)

    1a. What project or brand product are we (AGENCY) supposed to help you (CLIENT) in promoting? B2C or B2B
    2. Who are the consumers we (AGENCY) are problem-solving for?
    Primary Consumer/Persona:
    Secondary Consumer/Persona:
    3a. Have you (CLIENT) done any qualitative and quantitative market research in regards to this project?
    b. What are the consumer insights?
    4. What facts and emotional reasons will make consumer to buy/convert?
    5a. What are the key points/key messages that need to be communicated to the consumer?
    b. What are the reasons to believe for your consumers to buy your products?
    6. What channels will you (CLIENT) use to communicate the message?
    Online channels or offline channels or both channels
    7a. What should be the tone of the messaging?
    b. What words describe the brand?
    8. What do you (CLIENT) want people to feel, think and do after viewing the project?
    9. What are the objectives and goals of the project? How will we (CLIENT) measure success?
    Primary and Secondary Objectives
    Primary and Secondary Goals
    10a. What brand guidelines should we (AGENCY) be aware of?
    b. What mandatory information must be included in the marketing?
    c. Do you (CLIENT) have any existing materials for us to use for this projects?
    11. Who are your (CLIENT) main and head on competitors?
    12.Target Launch Date