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    1. What does your company do and what industry does your company do ?
    2. What products or services does your company offer ?
    3a. What brand values/personality (voice, tone and style) do your product have ?
    b. Does your product have unique selling proposition ?
    c. Does your product have brand guidelines and identity ?
    d. Do you have any existing materials that you wish us to use for content marketing ?
    4. Who are your major competitors? Highlight major and head on competitors only
    5. How different is your brand product with your competitors ? (features, benefits and values)
    6. Who are your target audience we are trying to communicate and influence with your brand product ?
    Primary audience: (please include with demographics, psychographics, buying characteristics, lifestyle)
    Secondary audience: (please include with demographics, psychographics, buying characteristics, lifestyle)
    7. Have you carried out any market survey or research for your product?
    If yes, please share the data
    8. What objectives do you wish us to reach in creating the content marketing program ?
    9. What will do the content marketing program to the target audience
    a. think: what is the rational fulfillment in their mind about your product ?
    b. feel: what is the emotional connection in their heart about your product ?
    c. do: what action do you wish them to take
    10. Do you wish us to propose with influencer marketing in the content marketing program for your brand product?
    11. Do you have any KPI metrics for the success of the content marketing program ?
    If yes, please provide
    12. What is the overall allocated budget for content marketing program ?
    13. Approval Process
    a. Who is/are the point person/s for daily agency client communication ?
    b. Who is /are the point person/s who has the authority to give final approval, signature and its content production process including with the invoices ?