First Name
    Last Name
    E-mail Address
    1. Event Name
    2. Purpose and Type of Event (for example: product launching,)
    3. Objectives that you wish to achieve for having the event, what is your desired outcome
    4. Target audience - primary & secondary. Any particular of influencers is being invited to create engagement?
    5. Location details and cities coverage
    6. Timing of the event (start and finish time)
    7. What are the key and themed messages that you wish to share to the target audience ?
    8. Running sheet of program to be provided in the following aspects

    a. Time (when it will happen)
    b. Action (what will happen)
    c. Responsibility (who will make it happen)
    d. Resources (what support is needed to make it happen; human resources etc
    9. Suppliers for helping the event to run the program smoothly (Please tick the appropriate choices)
    10. What are your expected KPIs for measuring the successful event we propose to you ?
    11. Detailed Critical Dates As Follows

    Starting date of event
    Ending date of event
    Delivery of deliverables to event
    12. Mandatory requirements or constraints that we should take note; any creative displays that you wish us to create
    13. What is the overall allocated budget for event project ?
    (Do you wish us to suggest or have your breaking down into component parts for this project?)
    14. Approval Process

    a. Who is/are the point person/s for daily agency client communication ?
    b. Who is /are the point person/s who has the authority to give final approval, signature and its production process