First Name
    Last Name
    E-mail Address
    Event Name
    Date of design required
    Venue of the exhibition/event *please note for the number of cities and dates for displaying the exhibition/event*
    Organizer's name involved in the exhibition
    Do you want to purchase or hire this stand ?
    What are your key objectives for this exhibition/event show?
    Please describe what kind of exhibition/event stand you wish us to create in terms of colour schemes, branding, lighting, dimension, copies of exhibition/event stand that you had seen before and wish us to create similar one
    Do you want to have any specific allocated areas for some usages for example private meeting room, product display work station, any kind of room you wish to have and etc ?
    What kind of flooring do you want to have for this exhibition/event stand?
    Deliverables such as leaflets/brochures, 2D/3D animation, production of graphics, logo, souvenirs etc are to be made?
    Do you wish us to hire SPGs for this exhibition stand ?
    If yes, how many?
    Will they be required to have training ?
    What kind of training ?
    Detailed Critical Dates As Follows
    Starting date of exhibition
    Ending date of exhibition
    Delivery of deliverables to exhibition
    Mandatory requirements or constraints that we should take of, if any ?
    What is the overall allocated budget for exhibiton stand/event project ? (Do you wish us to suggest or have your breaking down into component parts for this project ?)