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    1. Background Information (introduction/overview of your company, what makes you unique from others)
    2. Who are your primary and secondary target audience (groups/individual with age, gender, demographics & psychographics)
    3. Who are your competitors (major and minor competitors; head on competitors)
    4. Challenges and opportunities (to be highlighted in PR objectives, business objectives/focus areas)
    5. Key messages and tone of manner (single important message to be sent to the audience to take away, key values/visual)
    6. Reasons to believe (why the audience should believe in you, what credibility power do you have to convince them)
    7. Other marketing activities that support or may affect the proposed Public Relations campaign
    8. Types of media used (conventional/digital or both)
    9. Campaign timeline to be proposed and other deliverables that you wish us to propose that may support this campaign
    10. Evaluation (measurable metric/KPI to evaluate this proposed Public Relations campaign)
    11. Budget (what is the overall allocated budget for PR campaign/project)